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Security of our customers’ financial information is very important, We have set up various security processes to reduce the risk of unauthorized online access to customers’ records. Login Password, Random Transaction Password, Encryption, Session timeout, Transaction Blackout and Audit Trail are some of the enhanced security features being provided with our internet banking platform.

> Secure Website (HTTPS)

Our website is equiped by encryption Certificate with Extended Validation, hence making it safe to use for financial transactions, sign of https (s is Secure) and green bar ensures validity of certificate.

> Secure Login

Using the complex password policy, jointly with Virtual key board offers best combination to Login securely.

> Transaction Safety

Each Transaction is duly verified by OTP (one-time Password), OTP is a random password sent to Registered Mobile Number & Email only for that specific transaction and session, hence verifying the authenticity of transaction Initiator.

> Notifications/Alerts

Login Success Alert, Login Failed Alert, Login Password Change, OTP, Transaction Initiation Alert & many more keep customer well informed about activity on web site.

> Session Timeout

Online banking has in-built Session timeout to protect any activity on un-attended computer.

> Transaction cutt off Time, Transaction Blackout & Audit Trail

Transaction cut off time, Transaction Blackout and Audit Trail provides better control for personal as well as corporate customers.