Head Office

Christophe Edmond

(Chief Executive Officer)

Yvette Denis

(Head of Customer Services – Corporate)

Madelene Aalfs

(Head of Human Resources)

Mariza Tirant

(Head of Finance)

Dyanne Azemia

(Head of Internal Audit)

Mathieu Sinon

(Head of Administration & Facilities)

Philippe Pierre

(Deputy CEO)

Chantal Hoarau

(Head of Customer Services – Retail)

Collin Confait

(Head of Card Services)

Mohammad Asif

(Head of Information Technology)

Sandra Hall

(Head of Compliance)

Joel Isaac

(Chief Risk Officer)

Joana Vidot

(Head of Advances & Loans)

Laurain Confait

(Head of Foreign Exchange)

Sadina Moustache

(Head of Operations)

Arnold Ramos

(Head of Cash)


Lynn Ah-Tave

(Branch Manager – Eden Island)

Maureen Brioche

(Branch Manager – Praslin)

Helga Ernesta

(Branch Manager – La Digue)