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> What is Internet Banking?

Internet banking is an electronic payment system that enables customers of a financial institution to conduct financial transactions on a website operated by the institution. Internet banking is also referred as Online banking, e-banking, virtual banking and by other terms.

> How to Subscribe?

Download and submit the application form to your nearest Nouvobanq branch.
For further assistance you may send us an email at or call +248-4293000.

> How safe is Internet Banking?

Nouvobanq has invested significantly in equipment and technology that helps to keep your online experience safe. We make use of sophisticated encryption methods for Personal and Business Internet Banking. Encryption is a process that transforms sensitive information into a string of unrecognizable characters before they are sent over the Internet and helps keep your information private between the bank’s computer system and your Internet browser.
In addition to encryption, your unique Customer ID and password will authenticate your access each time you use the service. Additionally every transaction you initiate will require a unique one time password.
Nouvobanq online banking uses the Verisign Secure Server Digital ID which enables secure communication and encryption of transactions.

> What Banking Transactions Can I Perform with Internet Banking?

Our Internet Banking service allows you to make transactions online and manage your accounts, balances, bill payments and deposits more closely. You may:

• View balances and transactions on your deposits, loans and credit cards.
• Pay bills to all the utility companies in Seychelles.
• Review transaction information for all transactions going through your accounts.
• Transfer funds between your Nouvobanq accounts or any other accounts within the various Seychelles banks or internationally.
• View information about your loan accounts including payment history, schedule of payments etc
• View your account statements.
• Order new cheque books and request statements

> What’s a One Time Password(OTP) ?

The Nouvobanq online Banking system generates a unique and highly secure authenticator called a one-time password(OTP), whose purpose is to ensure that only the registered users have authority to access and perform transactions through online banking. OTP is a unique password and is used to provide a second layer of security. The password will be sent to you by email or SMS and is valid for one Internet banking transaction/session only.

> Are There Fees for Internet Banking and Bill Payment?

For individual customers Nouvobanq does not charge for accessing Internet Banking services. Our Bill payment facility is also provided free of charge. There are also no fees applicable to local transfers and transfers within Nouvobanq. International transfers will incur charges as per the banks normal tariffs for overseas transfers.

> How to ensure that I am on the official Nouvobanq Internet Banking web site?

To connect securely to our Internet banking site follow these steps:

• In the address bar type: “” and click on “Secure Login” link on the homepage. Once you click ensure that. “https://” is part of the web address before you enter your username and password. Https is what instructs the browser to make a secure connection to our Internet banking web server
• Should you receive any errors with regard to the certificate when your browser attempts to establish the connection it is advisable to terminate your connection and notify our Customer Service team on +248-4293000
If you access the online banking site through any other link, such as banners, you should be extra vigilant when checking certificates and web site addresses.

> What Type of Browser Can I Use To Access Internet Banking?

It is advisable to use internet browsers which support the highest level of encryption. The following browsers are generally acceptable:

• Microsoft Edge – Version 16 & Above
• Apple Safari – Version 11.1.1 & Above
• Mozilla/FireFox – Version 88 & Above
• Google Chrome – Version 93 & Above
• Opera – Version 72 & Above

> How to Cancel or Stop a Payment?

If you scheduled a payment to be processed immediately, you may not be able to stop the payment. However any other scheduled or recurring payments may be cancelled if done within one business day before the process date. Use the “Standing Instruction Cancellation” facility under the Payments Section.

> How to know if Payees Received Payments through the Bill Payment facility?

You will receive a reference number for each confirmed bill payment. The reference number is your proof that a payment will be processed. To verify that your payee credited your account, you may wish to review your next bill from the payee to verify that the payment was presented. Alternatively you may contact the respective utility company for assistance.

> What Instructions are Available for Using Internet Banking?

You can download our online banking user manual for instructions and features available and more detailed instructions about using Internet Banking.

> What is the difference between the business date and the transaction date?

The business date is reflected on your statement as the date the transaction was done. The business date changes daily at evening during our day closure & system will reflect the next business day’s date. Transactions done after day closure on Saturday will show the following Monday’s date on your statement, provided Monday is a business day and not a public holiday.
The actual date on which the transaction was done is called the transaction date, regardless of whether it was a business day or not.